Sean Shearer | b. New Jersey, 1987.

Sean Shearer received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Virginia. His poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Boulevard, New England Review, jubilat, Copper Nickel, Beloit Poetry Journal, among others. Sean's the founder, editor, & book designer for BOAAT Press.


——— forthcoming ———

Foundry: “Red Lemons” Online.

jubilat: “Conor Oberst” Print.

Copper Nickel: “Circulation” Print.

Iowa Review Online: “Wrestling Season” Online.

——— selected publications ———

Boulevard: “Aphrodisiac" Issue 100. Print.

Neck: “Tesseract” Print.

Beloit Poetry Journal: “Rewinding an Overdose on a Projector" Summer / Fall 18 issue. Print.

New England Review: “Brick" Volume 38, Number 1, Winter 2017. Print.

Raleigh Review:  “Abracadabra" Volume 6 Number 1, Spring 2016. Print. 

Yemassee: “Track Marks" Issue 23.1, 2016. Print.

Beloit Poetry Journal: “Urine Sample" Volume 66, Number 1, Fall 2015. Print.

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