I have been designing chapbooks for my press since 2014. Growing up 10-minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, my aesthetic for book-art falls on the nautical side. These handmade paper books are pulped with cotton linters, banana peels, seaweed, Spanish moss, shredded money (you can purchase this from the government), and colored dyes. I bind each book in the Japanese style Asa-no-ha-Toji. I also make books out of balsa wood and design broadsides that are printed on vellum, soaked in water, dried, and then torch the edges and certain parts of the poem. Click a picture to open the gallery .

A short look into BOAAT Press' book design. Filmed by Sean Shearer.

"Both poems and paper are honored together; space, time, texture, smell, the skin cells of the hands mingled in with flecks of organic matter--this is human brains folded into the natural world." — Bianca Stone, Co-editor, Monk Books

"In an era wherein the object of the book and all that surrounds it has been devalued as 'product' and anyone has the technology to publish, BOAAT Press reinvests in the promise of the anachronistic art of the book. Embracing the ancient art of paper and text, they revivify the written world—and thereby, the world at large—beautifully and memorably." — Michael Wiegers, Executive Editor, Copper Canyon Press.

Music licensed by Jesiah - Back to the Ocean Songs of Water - Through the Dead Wood