List of Influences

poetry, rod serling’s imagination and voice, things that lives in caves and holes, crushing garlic cloves with a knife, my cat frank sleeping next to me on his green pillow, a hot shower with strong water pressure, smelly cheeses, watching bees up close without getting stung, conor oberst, black holes doing black hole things, the colombus flea market in new jersey, the color purple, swatting flies, irises (eyes + flower), deadlifts, frank stanford’s metaphors and similes for the moon, alice oswald’s poetry, yusef komunyakaa’s poetry, drawers that close easily, greg orr’s poetry, alaskan wilderness, medium-rare steak, between the buried and me (band), karen solie’s poetry, walking the saunders-monticello trail, natalie diaz’s poetry, michie tavern’s first floor, apple picking at carter mountain, the office (tv show), people painting graffiti, sunny-side up eggs on toast, camping at lake anna, squats, dogs peeing on things they're not supposed to pee on, people hiding in trees or bushes, people in a bowling alley, skunks, the night sky,3rd ave at belmar beach, walking the manasquan reservoir, everything is alive (podcast), the em-dash, a clean kitchen, jaguars, thick socks on rainy gray days, hafþór björnsson, gardening, tiny font, grandma cookies matzah ball soup, the woods at hampshire college, asking for help, singing in my car, jameson whiskey, people hiding in dumpsters, spooky shadow figures, futuristic versions of mundane things (coffee mug, chair, toothbrush, etc), handcuffs, the sun, maps of fictional states (South Kansas, West Vermont, Texas, etc), basilisk, the smell of paint, x-ray machines, butterflies, whole milk, my old kaleidoscope, fancy ice, david lynch films, the atlantic ocean, dark coffee, fireworks, vellum paper, white rice with scallions and soy sauce, stretchy boxer briefs, the twilight zone, the number twelve looks like you (band), walking through the graveyard behind my house, the word amalgam, crock pots, leaving the gym and walking to my car, youtube science videos, black mirror (tv show), the smell of thighs after sex, wegmans chicken breasts, thinking in the shower, daniel day-lewis, copper canyon press, niagara falls, mary ruefle’s poetry, my blue winter hat, khabib nurmagomedov, large hotel mirrors, frogs, trebuchets, silence in a room full of people, the dark parts of the sun, wooden hangers, eggplant parm, bright eyes (band), a printer full of ink and paper, pianos, thunder falling into the seafloor’s amnesia, trophies, statues (who deserves to to be immortalized as a statue?), dogs, naked people, all of the houses I’ve lived in, 6 Oklahoma Drive, sad people, bicycles, neighbors, mounted animal heads, a map of the world, people covered with tattoos, fancy jewelry, super wrinkly old people, cats, big spooky old houses, Guy Fieri eating things he isn't supposed to eat (rocks, his sunglasses, toothpaste, etc), pizza (with unusual toppings), people at the beach, trees, tree forts, forest people, newspapers (and people reading them), monsters, people on skateboards (and falling off of them), people playing drums, slugs, sandwiches, the UVA rotunda, skulls, bottles (full of beverages or potions or water), fancy cakes, tombstones or coffins, cool shoes, a map of my city, computers (or devices with lots of buttons and wires), different kinds of chimneys (and people climbing out of them), crying children (why are they crying?), motorcycles, witches, animals with antlers, people playing poker (what does a good poker face look like? what does a desperate gambler look like?), every teacher I’ve ever had, snakes (did they eat something interesting recently?), chairs and tables, cacti, hotdogs, different kinds of hats, people falling out of boats, ghosts, swords, people in the middle of dental procedures, horses, people singing badly, wizards, umbrellas, fictional sons of Mitt Romney (Chad Romney, Wipp Romney, Burp Romney, etc), coins, stupid hair styles, self portraits (what will you look at the age of 100?), eggplant, flags for fictional countries, birds doing stuff that birds aren't supposed to do, pencils, sweaty—out of breath joggers, people lifting weights, sea shells, house plants, people playing basketball, turkeys, tentacles coming out of containers, bags, windows, etc., airplanes, fancy crowns, fictional members of my family, dinosaurs, people “doing science” (test tubes! strange chemicals! microscopes!), musical instruments, castles, teenagers hanging out in front of convenience stores, snooty butlers carrying things on trays (telephones, food, unopened envelopes), animals wearing glasses, a volcanic island, people with ice cream cones, candles, people standing behind one of those cartoony x-ray screens, cardboard boxes, a painter standing at an easel, painting something from life (nude model? landscape?), babies holding toys, suits of armor, candy bars, spaceships, labels for beers, astronauts, ears, people with tons of facial piercings, the moon at 3 in the morning, forks and knives and spoons, people with briefcases hoping no one knows what's inside the briefcase, the aftermath of an accident, a snowman, playing cards,. an idiot playing piano, aliens, microscopic organisms, tardigrades, people skiing, snails, demons, game show hosts, sushi, sewer people, government spy drones, a sentient brick wall, coffee mugs, a bow and arrow shoot-out, a ferris wheel, a fish tank, booby traps, swamp creatures, Jay Leno weeping quietly while looking at his reflection in a mirror, people slipping on banana peels, balloons, people with crutches or limbs in casts, boogers, pole-vaulters, people stranded on desert islands, a dog in handcuffs, surrounded by police, turtles, mountains, things popping out of toasters (bread, pizza, books, etc), skeletons, flowers, people trapped in the belly of a whale, Frankenstein's monster, a terrarium, people smooching, people knitting scarves, grumpy bartenders ( Champion), tents in the woods, arctic explorers, bridges, a television set (what's on tv?), people working in gardens, people stepping on bee hives, my toothbrush, PEZ dispensers, tourists, my childhood bedroom, people digging holes, a stamp collector and their stamps, people wrapped in blankets like a burrito, burritos, bookshelves, whatever I had for breakfast, comfy armchairs, abandoned buildings, icebergs, discarded underwear, carnivorous furniture, ducks, hermits and their hermit houses, hamburgers, lizard men, campfires, people smoking pipes, cliffs by the ocean, people waiting in line to use the bathroom, animals in hiding after escaping from a zoo, dogs trying to reach food on tables, garbage cans, slime creatures, crabs, different types of helmets, logs, ceiling fans, stupid faces, palm trees, skeleton keys, binoculars, giant objects crashing into earth (giant baby, giant motorcycle, giant anvil, etc), exercise machines that could be mistaken for torture devices, things hatching out of eggs (birds, lizards, guys in business suits, etc), animal skin rugs, people blindly trying to find their missing glasses, hockey players, people flying around with jetpacks, squirrels trying to drag things up into trees (an entire pizza, a piano, an old man, etc), proud idiot gun owners posing with guns, vehicles that are shapes like food (hotdog car, banana car, pretzel car, etc), clocks, chain link fences, donuts, people wearing ridiculous puffy shirts, dartboard with darts in it (or around it), people being thrown or falling through glass windows, puddles, people who are melting for some reason, famous people's butts, dirt, plumbers tinkering with complicated pipe systems, cyclops, spooky caves, pieces in a chess set, weird looking babies, people trying to hold in farts while on dates, fashionable dog collars, moss, ruins of castles, ancient temples, etc, unusual body piercings, cereal boxes, unfortunate tattoos (no regrats), stand-up comedians, robots, people frozen in of giant hunks of ice, fossils, bones, bone broth, people modeling really complicated outfits, old people trying to make sense of technology that they don't understand, Harrison Ford, zombies, things on shelves (bottles, tools, etc), piñatas, morons yelling at each other on fox news, the biggest ice cream sundae ever, a person kissing a framed photograph of Carl Sagan, really big telescopes, someone who hasn't yet realized their clothing is on fire, cowboys, surfers, people wearing ugly wigs, trains, cookies, pyramids, people puking, sharks, too many people in one hot tub, teeth, Guy Fieri lost in the wilderness, people climbing ladders, umo wrestlers, the people who write all those awful comments on youtube, cave people, a chef preparing a big meal, shields (with cool designs, symbols, etc), birds flying around—carrying things in their talons (small animals, a gun, etc), politicians sitting in jail cells, doctors trying to remove something from a terrified person's nose—nurses holding the person down, a person with live snakes in their pockets, people standing on logs—floating across bodies of water, tornadoes, people with really complicated braces on their teeth, dumptrucks, farmers planting things, harvesting crops, blenders, aliens hiding in craters, talk show hosts interviewing inanimate objects, a high speed car chase (or horse chase, rollerblade chase, helicopter chase, etc), bank robbers, crystals, noodles, rollercoasters, pretzels, buildings in my neighborhood, a person sitting at a desk—shouting into a phone, swordfish, bears, hideous sweaters, sunken ships at the bottom of the sea, spiders, the toothfairy, alligators, people posing with fish they caught, firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings, broken mirrors, Puff Daddy admiring a photograph of himself, werewolves, race car drivers, people playing twister, wet dogs, lightning, clouds, bats (the animal), scuba divers, rocks, tree stumps, toilets, rats, rain, vacuum cleaners, godzilla, vampires, animals wearing really expensive people clothes, gondoliers, playground stuff (slides, swings, monkeybars, etc), people falling off of trampolines, shopping carts (full of groceries), orange cars, people racing bobsleds, clowns, dog owners picking up dog poop, people eating mud, video game controllers, pinball machines, a bucket full of worms, people playing ping-pong, people wearing clothes that are either way too big or way too small, frightened naked people being chased by animals, people dancing, giant floating eyeballs with telepathic powers, a parade, a shady looking man trying to sell lizards out of a suitcase, mushrooms, people using jumpropes, boats, BOAAT, blacksmiths, a photographer taking pictures, people sleeping in hammocks, people falling out of hammocks, people playing with hula hoops, the statue of liberty, a bunch of police cars crashing into each other, funerals, people setting off or watching fireworks, mermaids, snow monsters, camels, UFOs abducting things (people, cows, trees, cars, etc), a person trying to chop down a tree, feet, tacos, boxers knocking each other out, people in sleeping bags, feathers, mad scientists, black holes doing black hole things, trippy album covers, people exploring dark places with flashlights, beetles, the lantern game, ninjas, bathtubs, giraffes, bigfoot, greek gods, people playing soccer, opera singers, footsteps in snow, tiny waterfalls, long fingernails, people on display eating in a fancy restaurant, scissors, things being launched with catapults (rocks, cows, Rush Limbaugh, etc), evil cult members performing secret dark rituals, a bull totally wrecking a matador, people playing golf, jazz musicians, people wearing capes, elves, cabins in the woods (or on mountains or near lakes or on the moon), people who have lots of secrets, blanket forts, whales, fog, people singing bad karaoke, people getting smooshed by giant fingers, grasshoppers, yoga, rhinos

updated 03/7/2019